Application Settings

Reset Environment’s Streaming Cameras: Reset the position and rotation of the streaming cameras in the current environment.

Now Playing Notification Mode: Set if and for how long the now playing notification should be displayed on the desktop mirror.

  • Disabled: Don’t display notification
  • Short: Display for 5 seconds
  • Normal: Display for 20 seconds
  • Long: Display for 1 minute
  • Until Next Notification: Display until the next track is played

Notifications are only displayed on the desktop mirror, and will not be visible to the VR user in the application. Alternatively, you can also use a OBS text overlay instead of the notifications.

Bass Vibration Intensity: Sets the intensity of the blur effect applied to the edges of the desktop mirror's output. The effect reacts to bass frequencies (20Hz - 150Hz) being played through the master output.

The Invert Rotation Direction for Left Thumb inverts the input rotation when making precise adjustments to the control knobs or turntable’s spindle with the left controller.

Users can opt-out of anonymized analytics data being sent.

The Re-center Position button will reposition the user to the center of the virtual DJ booth.

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