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 ====== Application Settings ====== ====== Application Settings ======
 {{:​user-settings-application.png?​direct&​600|}} {{:​user-settings-application.png?​direct&​600|}}
-===== Input ===== 
-The **//Invert Rotation Direction for Left Thumb//** inverts ​the input rotation ​when making [[input_control_interactions|precise adjustments to the control knobs]] or turntables spindle with the left controller.+===== Desktop Mirror ===== 
 +**Reset Environment’s Streaming Cameras:** Reset the position and rotation ​of the streaming cameras in the current environment. 
 +**Now Playing Notification Mode:** Set if and for how long the now playing notification should be displayed on the desktop mirror. 
 +  * **Disabled:​** Dont display notification 
 +  * **Short:** Display for 5 seconds 
 +  * **Normal:** Display for 20 seconds 
 +  * **Long:** Display for 1 minute 
 +  * **Until Next Notification:​** Display until the next track is played 
 +Notifications are only displayed on the desktop mirror, and will **__not be visible__ to the VR user** in the application.
 ---- ----
-===== Streaming Console ​=====+===== Input =====
-When the [[streaming_console|Streaming Console]] has auto-switching enabled, it will automatically toggle between the selected camera perspectives in sync with the audio. To limit how fast it can switch, a minimum interval in seconds can be set.+The **//Invert Rotation Direction for Left Thumb//** inverts ​the input rotation when making ​[[input_control_interactions|precise adjustments to the control knobs]] or turntable’s spindle ​with the left controller.
 ---- ----
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