Audio Settings

In the audio settings panel, users can select which audio devices the application should route audio to.

A separate master audio output can be enabled to connect to your speakers, or to select as an audio source for a live stream or video recording.

The device dropdown can be used to select which device to route the default audio output to.

This selected device should be connected to the DJ's headphones. Tracks cued using the Virtual Headphones will only be audible through this output.

The device dropdown can be used to select which device to route the master audio output to.

This output will be heard by your audience and should be connected to your speakers or used as the audio source for livestreams or recordings. Tracks cued using the Virtual Headphones will not be audible through this output.

When using the Oculus version, audio mirroring needs to be disabled manually by disabling the Hear VR audio from Computer toggle in the devices menu!

The SteamVR version of the application automatically disables audio mirroring in the SteamVR Audio settings when the master output is enabled until the application is closed.

The audio buffer settings panel can be used to set the sizes of the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) buffers.

In general, the larger these buffers are, the longer it will take for an audio signal to be processed, increasing latency. For example, a buffer with a size of 1024 at a sample rate of 48000 Hz (samples per second) will take 0.021 seconds (1024 / 48000) to be processed, or 21ms. If the buffer size is too small though, the signal might not be processed fast enough, resulting in audible distortion.

When the Use Recommended Settings option is enabled, the sizes of the audio buffer will be set to 1024 for the default output and 512 for the master output. These settings will help in minimizing the delay between both audio outputs on most computer systems.

If there is still a noticeable delay between both audio output, this setting can be disabled and the buffer sizes of both audio outputs can be set manually. The audio buffer size of the master output can never be larger than the buffer size of the default output.

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