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 +====== Release Notes ======
 +===== Early Access v1.3.0f1 =====
 +  * **Environments:​** Added new Streaming Studio environment with [[how_to_play_custom_videos_on_the_audio_reactive_screens|customizable audio reactive video screens]]
 +  * **Environments:​** Added new Black Box environment
 +  * **Environments:​** Removed Attic and Recording Studio environments
 +  * **Streaming:​** Added two [[streaming_camera|user controllable spectator cameras]] to all environments
 +  * **Streaming:​** Cross-platform Oculus avatar’s hand poses now update correctly for all platforms (except WMR)
 +  * **Streaming:​** Controller models are now hidden from spectator and mixed reality (LIV) cameras
 +  * **Streaming:​** The camera output screen now hides automatically when no spectator camera is active
 +  * **Bug:** Fixed track cover artwork not loading when quality setting was set to low or medium
 +  * **Bug:** Fixed Several minor bug fixes and improvements ​
 +  * **Audio Analysis:** Improved energy detection algorithm
 +  * **Oculus:** Added correct models for Rift S controllers
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