How to analyze and tag your audio files for use in Vinyl Reality

Audio file tags allow meta data (ex: Artist, Title) to be stored in the same file alongside the actual audio data.

Vinyl Reality has the option to display certain tags in the app (ex: BPM, Key), to make beatmatching or mixing in key easier.

Vinyl Reality reads the following and displays the following tags:

Warning: The BPM value is also required for the crowd in the indoor rave environment to dance in-sync with the music!

The easiest, most accurate and recommended way to analyze your tracks is by importing them into Rekordbox (which is available for free) and then exporting your collection to Vinyl Reality.

This method won’t actually update the tags in the audio files themselves, but will store them in a separate database, leaving your audio files unmodified.

There are also other tools available which can analyze audio files and write the result to the matching tags.

The best tool for manually editing audio file tags is Mp3tag. It also allows you to easily add cover art to audio files.

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