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How to create and load a custom slipmat design

Template File

Custom slipmat designs can be created using any image editing software that can export images to PNG. A template file is provided as a PSD (Photoshop) file and can be downloaded here:

Vinyl Reality - Slipmat Template.psd

The template file includes a layer with shows the UV layout of the slipmat model, so images can be designed to fit the mesh perfectly.

Step 1: Creating a custom design

To create a custom slipmat design, follow these steps:

  1. Import the template file into an image editing application
  2. Line up the design with the UV layout of the mesh
  3. Save the image as a PNG with the filename Slipmat.png

You can also use two different slipmat designs for the left and right turntable, by saving the designs as two separate files:

  • Slipmat_Left.png (left turntable)
  • Slipmat_Right.png (right turntable)

Because the dimensions of the saved image file need to be a power of two (ex: 2048 x 2048), it is not recommended to resize the template file.

Step 2: Loading the custom design

To import the slipmat design created in the previous step into Vinyl Reality, simply copy the saved PNG file(s) into the following directory:

C:/Users/username/AppData/LocalLow/EntroPi Games/Vinyl Reality

The directory might be hidden, so make sure the show hidden files option in Windows is enabled.

After the file has been copied, Vinyl Reality will detect the image file and display it on the turntables automatically each time a new environment is loaded.

To revert to the original built-in slipmat design, simply remove the PNG file(s) from the folder.

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