How to create and load a custom slipmat design

Custom slipmat designs can be created using any image editing software that can export images to PNG. A template file is provided as a PSD (Photoshop) file and can be downloaded here:

Vinyl Reality - Slipmat Template.psd

The template file includes a layer with shows the UV layout of the slipmat model, so images can be designed to fit the mesh perfectly.

To create a custom slipmat design, follow these steps:

  1. Import the template file into an image editing application
  2. Line up the design with the UV layout of the mesh
  3. Save the image as a PNG with the filename Slipmat.png

You can also use two different slipmat designs for the left and right turntable, by saving the designs as two separate files:

  • Slipmat_Left.png (left turntable)
  • Slipmat_Right.png (right turntable)

Because the dimensions of the saved image file need to be a power of two (ex: 2048 x 2048), it is not recommended to resize the template file.

To import the slipmat design created in the previous step into Vinyl Reality, simply copy the saved PNG file(s) into the following directory:

C:/Users/username/Documents/Vinyl Reality

After the file has been copied, Vinyl Reality will detect the image file and display it on the turntables automatically each time a new environment is loaded.

To revert to the original built-in slipmat design, simply remove the PNG file(s) from the folder.

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