How to load a Rekordbox collection

Rekordbox is a free music management and DJ app from Pioneer DJ.

Being able to load a Rekordbox collection into Vinyl Reality has many advantages, including:

  • All meta data can be read directly from the Rekordbox collection, including the BPM and Key values
  • Folder hierarchy and playlists are synced between Rekordbox and Vinyl Reality
  • Only one music collection needs to be managed and all analysis can be done inside Rekordbox

Before the Rekordbox collection can be loaded into Vinyl Reality, it must first be exported as an XML file from within Rekordbox, using the following steps:

  1. Open Rekordbox
  2. From the menu bar, select File > Export Collection in xml format
  3. Select a location, and press save
  4. Wait for the export to finish. This might take a while depending on the size of the collection.

Warning: If changes are made to the Rekordbox collection, the XML file is not updated automatically and has to be exported again.

Warning: The xml export function was temporarily removed in early version of Rekordbox 6, so make sure to use a version older than 6.3 or stick with Rekordbox 5

To load the exported collection into Vinyl Reality, simply navigate the record case to the folder in which the XML file was exported, and load the file by selecting it and using the “Enter” action.

Once loaded, the Rekordbox collection can be navigated using the standard record case controls. The hierarchy and order of the folders and playlists in the Rekordbox collection will be preserved.

When loaded in Vinyl Reality, tracks inside regular Rekordbox playlists will be ordered by their track number. Track numbers in a playlist can be changed by using the Renumber Track Order function inside Rekordbox.

Tracks inside an intelligent playlist will be ordered by their internal track ID, and can currently not be sorted or reordered.

Warning: Audio files with a format that Vinyl Reality does not support will not be displayed inside the playlists!

It’s currently not possible to export a Rekordbox collection to a XML file on a removable (ex: USB) drive for use on another computer.

When exporting a Rekordbox collection as a XML file, Rekordbox does not copy any of the audio files to the destination directory, and the file paths in the XML file still point to the original location of the files on your local hard drive.

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