How to use the Virtual Headphones

Every modern DJ mixer provides a way to preview or monitor a channel’s audio without it being audible through the main output mix.

This function is most commonly referred to as Pre-Fade Listen (PFL), but on most DJ mixers the button which activates this function is labeled with “CUE”.

The Pre-Fade Listen functionality in Vinyl Reality was designed specifically for virtual reality. The goal was to allow users to mix using only their headphones, and thus removing the need to constantly put on or remove headphones, which could prove impractical while wearing a virtual reality headset.

Instead Vinyl Reality uses virtual headphones, which can be enabled or disabled by clicking next to the left or right ear while the application is running.

The following steps explain how to enable the PFL function for a mixer’s channel in Vinyl Reality:

  1. Make sure a track is playing on the turntable connected to the channel you want to cue
  2. Press the cue button on the mixer for the channel you want to cue (it lights up while active)
  3. While holding one of the controllers next to the left or right ear, click the trigger of that controller
  4. The track should now be playing and audible in the ear selected in the previous step
  5. Clicking the trigger again next to the same ear will remove the virtual headphones

The headphone indicator on the mixer indicates which sides (left, right or both) of the virtual headphones are active.

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