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 +====== How to use the Virtual Headphones ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +Every modern DJ mixer provides a way to preview or monitor a channel’s audio without it being audible through the main output mix. 
 +This function is most commonly referred to as **Pre-Fade Listen (PFL)**, but on most DJ mixers the button which activates this function is labeled with **“CUE”**. 
 +===== Virtual Headphones =====
 +{{ :mixer-virtual-headphones.jpg?direct&200|}}
 +The Pre-Fade Listen functionality in Vinyl Reality was designed specifically for virtual reality. 
 +The goal was to allow users to mix using only their headphones, and thus removing the need to constantly put on or remove headphones, which could prove impractical while wearing a virtual reality headset.
 +Instead Vinyl Reality uses **virtual headphones**, which can be enabled or disabled by clicking next to the left or right ear while the application is running. 
 +The following steps explain how to **enable the PFL function** for a mixer’s channel in Vinyl Reality:
 +  - Make sure a track is playing on the turntable connected to the channel you want to cue
 +  - Press the cue button on the mixer for the channel you want to cue (it lights up while active)
 +  - While holding one of the controllers next to the left or right ear, click the trigger of that controller
 +  - The track should now be playing and audible in the ear selected in the previous step
 +  - Clicking the trigger again next to the same ear will remove the virtual headphones
 +The [[mixer_input_control_overview|headphone indicator]] on the mixer indicates which sides (left, right or both) of the virtual headphones are active.
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