Input control interactions

Input controls (ex: volume faders, control knobs, buttons, etc…) and interactive objects (ex: vinyl records) can only be interacted with when the blue sphere (input volume) underneath the controller is aligned or overlapping with the object. The input volume is aligned with the tip of the index finger to make interacting with object feel more natural and intuitive.

When an interactable object is selected, an outline will appear around the object to indicate that it can be interacted with.

Rotary or control knobs in Vinyl Reality are most commonly found on the mixer and are for example used to control the 3 band equalizer.

Control knobs can be rotated by grabbing them with the controller’s trigger and then twisting or turning the wrist in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

The controller’s trackpad or joystick can be used to rotate control knobs more precisely, by grabbing the knob with the trigger (index finger) and then either sliding the thumb up or down the trackpad, or moving the joystick up or down. This action mimics rotating the knob between the thumb and index fingers.

Imagine rotating a real knob by scrolling it between the thumb and index finger, without moving the hand itself.

Notice that when rotating it clockwise with the left hand, the thumbs moves down (in relation to the index finger), while with the right hand the thumbs moves up.

Enabling the Invert Rotation Direction for Left Thumb option in the application settings mimics this difference for trackpad and joystick input. If the controller has an asymmetric design (ex: Valve Index, Oculus Touch) it might feel more intuitive to invert the input for the left controller.

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