Mixer Equalizer kill switches

Each of the mixer’s 3 band equalizer knobs has a kill switch function which when activated cuts all the frequencies for the corresponding range (High, Mid or Low) from the audio signal playing through the channel. This effect can also be achieved by turning an equalizer knob all the way counter-clockwise, but the kill switch function allows for fast and easy toggling.

While the kill switch is active, a LED ring on the bottom of the equalizer knob will illuminate. If the knob is turned while the kill switch is active, the LED ring will flash to indicate that the adjustment has no effect.

To activate the kill switch on an equalizer knob, simply hover over the knob and use the input action listed below to toggle the kill switch on or off.

SteamVR default controller binding for Rotary Knob Press action:

  • HTC Vive: Trackpad press
  • Oculus Touch: Thumbstick press or Button X / A press
  • WindowsMR: Trackpad or Thumbstick press

Oculus default controller binding:

  • Oculus Touch: Thumbstick press or Button X / A press
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