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 +====== Mixer Fader Settings ======
 +The **curves** of both the **crossfader** and **channel faders** can be adjusted to adapt to different play styles or situations. 
 +For example, scratch DJs often prefer a crossfader with a very sharp curve for performing fast cuts, while radio DJs might prefer a smooth crossfader curve which maintains a constant output volume while fading between two tracks.
 +Both fader curves are displayed and updated in real-time to visualize the current settings. The curve describes **the volume (y-axis)** in relation to **the fader’s position (x-axis)**.
 +The crossfader has **two curve types**:
 +  * **Transition:** When the crossfader is in the center position both channels are at full volume
 +  * **Constant Power:** The channels will be faded to maintain a constant power / energy
 +Each mixer channel can be assigned to:
 +  * **A:** The left side of the crossfader
 +  * **B:** The right side of the crossfader
 +  * **None:** Unassigned, the crossfader will not affect the volume of the channel
 +===== Additional information =====
 +Evolution of the DJ Crossfader: https://www.rane.com/note146.html
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