The frequency crossover points (Mid to High and Low to Mid) and crossover slope of the mixer’s 3 band equalizer can be configured. Tweaking these values can be useful to adapt the equalizer to different musical genres.

Adjusting the equalizer crossover points will affect which parts of the frequency range will be cut by the corresponding knob. For example, when the Low to Mid crossover point is set to 70Hz, turning the LOW equalizer knob will only cut or boost the lowest (sub) bass frequencies of the audio signal.

The crossover slope controls how smooth or abrupt the transition between the frequency ranges is. The higher the value of the slope the more abrupt the transition.

Both the resonance (Q) and attenuation slope of the filter can be configured.

Resonance is a narrow band of frequencies, around the cutoff frequency, where the sound is amplified. When the filter has a high resonance value, changing the cutoff frequency produces a phaser-like effect.

A higher slope value, will result in the filter sounding harsher and more unnatural.

The Thumb Input Sensitivity settings controls the amount the knobs rotate based on the input from the trackpad or joystick.

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