How to upload a user generated environment to is a cross platform mod API, which going forward will be used to share, host and distribute all user generated content for Vinyl Reality.

In the future, the API will also be integrated directly in Vinyl Reality, so content can be installed directly from inside the application.

Build the environment following the instructions described in the SDK setup guide.

After the build is complete, zip the 3 files which names match the name of the environment.

Do not add any directories to the zip file, the zip file should only contain files, and no folder hierarchies.

Create and setup an account on

Open a browser and go to to access the Add Addon page.

Preview Image: Upload an image that contains a good overview of your environment and does not contain any text or logos


Type: Select Environment from the dropdown

Performance Requirements: Select the tag that’s best suited for your environment from the dropdown.

  • Low: The environment runs smoothly on a PC meeting Vinyl Reality’s minimum requirements
  • Medium: The environment runs smoothly on a PC meeting Vinyl Reality’s recommended requirements
  • High: The environment runs smoothly on a PC that exceeds Vinyl Reality’s recommended requirements

If you’re unsure, leave this field blank.

Addon name: Write the name of the environment, avoid using ALL CAPS.

Summary: Add a short summary describing the environment

Description: Add credits and a link to these install instructions

Click Save Addon and go to the next step

In the Media section you can add additional screenshots and an optional link to a YouTube video showcasing your environment.

Upload file: Upload the zip file containing the 3 files for your environment

Version: If this is the first version of your environment, use 1.0.0. If it’s an update increment the version number based on scale of the changes

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