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 ====== Record Case ====== ====== Record Case ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +The record case allows user to navigate the computer’s file structure and to load audio files, playlists and collections exported from other DJ software.
 +When a directory containing audio files is loaded, the record case is automatically populated with vinyl records representing the tracks inside the folder. Users can remove these records from the record case and attach them to a turntable to be played.
 ===== Guides ===== ===== Guides =====
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   * [[How to load a Rekordbox collection|How to load a Rekordbox collection]]   * [[How to load a Rekordbox collection|How to load a Rekordbox collection]]
 +===== Reference =====
 +  * [[Record case ui overview|UI Overview]] 
 +  * [[Record case track history|Track History]]
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