Record Case Settings

  • Display BPM Metadata in Record Case List: Toggles the display of BPM metadata in the Record Case’s UI.
  • Export Track History Playlist after each Session: Toggles if the track history is exported as a m3u playlist after returning to the main menu or closing the application.

  • Display Audio File Cover Art on Vinyl Record Label: Toggles if the default vinyl record label is replaced with the front cover art embedded in the corresponding audio file (if available). All text on the record label (ex: Artist, Title, BPM) will be hidden when the file’s front cover art is used.
  • Skip Loading Cover Art That Could Cause Frame Drops: Toggles if cover art images that are too large should be skipped to avoid frame drops when removing the record from its sleeve. Due to limitations of the engine, loading large image files at run-time can cause the main thread to stall temporarily, resulting in noticeable frame drops.
  • Display BPM Metadata on Default Vinyl Record Label: Toggles the display of the BPM metadata value on the default vinyl record label.
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