Record Case UI Overview

The user interface is located inside the lid of the record case and displays the content of the active directory.

Only folders and supported audio files, playlist and collections are displayed and all other files are hidden.

  1. Active directory Path: The path to the directory which content is currently being displayed.
  2. Directory: Displays directory name.
  3. Directory file count: Displays the amount of audio files contained in the corresponding directory.
  4. RekordBox Collection File: Rekordbox collection exported as a xml file.
  5. Playlist File: Playlist exported as m3u or m3u8 files.
  6. Selected item: The selected item is highlighted in blue.
  7. Artist and Title: Displays artist and title meta data read from audio file (if available).
  8. BPM (Beats Per Minute): Displays BPM meta data read from audio file (if available).
  9. Selected track metadata: Displays selected audio file’s Key, Length and Genre metadata (if available).
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