Lighting Color Scheme

A Lighting Color Scheme asset defines four colors (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Fog) for one or more corresponding Energy Level. These colors are sent to the Lighting Controller Array by the application to control the color of each light in the array. Each Lighting Color Array receives the same color scheme from the application, so that the colors are uniform across all arrays.

Multiple Lighting Color Scheme assets can be added to a Scene Lighting Descriptor component, but only one will be active at the same time.

When a change in energy level is detected by the application, the application will select a new color scheme at random (from all color schemes which have that energy level assigned) and activate it.

To create a new Lighting Color Scheme asset, follow these steps:

  1. Right click in the Project window or click Assets in the menu bar
  2. Select Create > EntroPi > Environment > Lighting > Colors > Color Scheme
  3. Name the file that was just created
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