Program Light Array Configuration

Program Light Array Configuration assets determine how the Light Controllers in a Audio Reactive Light Controller Array component react to the audio analysis data received from the application.

Currently there are 4 types available:

  • Flash: Flash all of the lights in the array simultaneously when a beat is detected. Similar to a stroboscope effect.
  • Ripple: Beats appear to ripple through the array in a single color.
  • Ripple Gradient: Same as ripple, but with a color gradient between the primary and secondary colors of the active color scheme spread across the array.
  • Inactive: Does nothing, can be used to deactivate array for certain energy levels.

The type of the configuration (ex: Flash, Ripple) determines which program is run and the properties in the configuration allow you to tweak the behavior of the program itself.

Multiple configurations can be added to a Audio Reactive Light Controller Array component, but only one will be active at the same time. When a change in energy level is detected by the application, the Audio Reactive Light Controller Array component will select a new configuration at random (from all configurations which have that Energy Level assigned) and activate it.

  • Energy Levels: The Energy Level(s) during which this configuration can be active.
  • Light Fade Duration: The time (in seconds) it takes for a light in the array to fade out completely after the last beat was detected. A shorter duration works best for higher Energy Levels.
  • Light Intensity Fade: Fades out the intensity of the lights the closer they are to the end of the array. With this value set to 0, no fading will be applied and all lights in the array will have the same intensity. With this value set to 1, the last light in the array will be dimmed completely, while the one in the middle will have half the intensity of the first.
  • Color Count: The amount of colors the Flash lighting program will switch between. If set to 1, only the Primary color from the active Lighting Color Scheme will be used. If set to 3, all colors (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary ) will be used.
  • Color Switch Frames Threshold: Controls how fast the Flash lighting program can switch between colors.
  • Light Time Interval: Controls the speed at which the beat “ripples” through the array. A lower interval value will increase the speed and is recommended for higher Energy Levels, while a higher interval value will decrease the speed and is better suited for lower Energy Levels.
  • Reverse: Reverses the direction of the ripple through the array.

To create a new Program Light Array Configuration asset, follow these steps:

  1. Right click in the Project window or click Assets in the menu bar
  2. Select Create > EntroPi > Environment > Audio Reactive > Programs > Light Array
  3. Select the type of configuration you want to create (ex: Flash Configuration)
  4. Name the asset file that was just created
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