Audio Reactive Material

The Audio Reactive Material component processes the audio analysis data (beat detection and energy levels) received from the application, and uses the results to update the properties of the audio reactive Material used by the Renderer component attached to the same GameObject.

Audio Reactive Material components can be tested in the Unity Editor using the Audio Reaction Emulator.

The Audio Reactive Material component requires that a Renderer component (ex: Mesh Renderer) is attached to the same GameObject and that the material assigned to the Renderer component uses at least one of the audio reactive shader / material properties.

  • Material Index: The index of the material to use from the Renderer component.
  • Beat Detection Delay: The time (in seconds) with which the beat detection is delayed.
  • Beat Fade Duration: The time (in seconds) it takes for the Beat Intensity material property to drop to 0 after the last beat was detected.
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