Scene Lighting Descriptor

This component is required in all scenes that have audio reactive lighting. It should NOT be added to scenes that don’t have any audio reactive lights!

The component contains a list of references to Lighting Color Scheme assets.

Lighting Color Scheme assets are used to control the colors of all the lights in the scene, and they change based on the relative Energy Level of the audio that is playing.

Please note that the Lighting Color Scheme assets added to the Scene Lighting Descriptor component need to cover all of the existing Energy Levels. An error message will be displayed in the inspector if this is not the case.

  • Color Schemes: List of references to Lighting Color Scheme assets that will be used for this scene
  • Blend Duration: The time (in seconds) it takes to blend between two color schemes when switching.
  • Update Fog Color: Should the fog color be updated with the fog color of the active Color Scheme?
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