Quick Start Guide

This quick start will guide you through the very basics of setting up your scene and building it for Vinyl Reality.

A more detailed step-by-step explanation can be found here.

  1. Import the Vinyl Reality SDK unity package into your project
  2. Press both the Fix Project Settings and Setup Project Layers buttons in the SDK Project Settings window that should have appeared after importing the project
  3. Add the SceneDescriptor prefab (EntroPi/SDK/Prefabs) to your scene
  4. Create and configure a SceneInfo asset (Create > EntroPi > SDK > Scene Info) and assign it to the “Scene Info” property on the SceneDescriptor script component (included in the prefab)
  5. Save the scene and select EntroPi > SDK > Build Active Scene from the Menu bar
  6. Select the folder C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\Vinyl Reality\Environments
  7. After the build has finished, start Vinyl Reality and load the environment from the Load Custom Content panel in the main menu
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