SDK Setup

Import the Vinyl Reality SDK unity package into a new or existing Unity project, by using one of the following methods:

  • Drag and drop the unity package into the Unity’s editor project window
  • Right-click in the project window and select Import Package > Custom package

Leave everything selected, press the Import button and wait for everything to be imported.

When upgrading an existing project to a newer version of the SDK, the EntroPi and PostProcessing folders should be deleted before importing the new Vinyl Reality SDK Unity Package.

If you get any compilers after upgrading your project from an older Unity version, make sure the Scripting Runtime Version (Project Settings > Player > Other Settings) is set to .NET 4.x Equivalent.

Once the SDK package has been imported, the SDK Project Settings window should pop-up.

If the window is not visible you can open it from the editor’s Menu bar by selecting EntroPi > SDK > Project Settings.

Press both the Fix Project Settings and Setup Project Layers buttons in the SDK Projects Settings window. Afterwards both error messages should have been resolved and the window can be closed.

Open the scene you want to build for Vinyl Reality. A couple of scripts need to be added to your scene so that it can be loaded into Vinyl Reality.

The SceneDescriptor prefab determines where the user and the DJ equipment will be created.

The DJ equipment anchors in the prefab are already positioned correctly relative to the user, but you can move the entire prefab to control where the user will spawn.

You can also change the position of the individual anchors, but to make sure your environment can be played by users with a small VR play area, it is recommended to keep them as close to their original position as possible.

To setup the SceneDescriptor prefab, follow these steps:

  1. Add the SceneDescriptor prefab, located in the EntroPi/SDK/Prefabs project folder, to your scene, by dragging it from the project window into the root of your scene’s hierarchy window
  2. Right click in the project window and select Create > EntroPi > SDK > Scene Info to create a new Scene Info asset
  3. Configure the newly created Scene Info asset. For more information on how to setup the Scene Info asset, refer to the Scene Info asset overview.
  4. Assign the Scene Info asset to the “Scene Info” property on the SceneDescriptor script component attached to the prefab you added to the scene in step 1
  5. Save your scene

The SceneDescriptor prefab already has 4 spectator cameras setup by default.

The position and properties (ex: Field of View, Clipping planes, etc…,) of the cameras in the prefab can be changed to better match the scene. If needed, a Post Processing Behaviour component can also be added to the cameras.

Each camera has a StreamingConsoleCameraDescriptor attached. When the Follow DJ Gear Anchor property is enabled, the camera will follow the movement of the DJ Gear when the user adjusts the height or angle.

The streaming console can only be used when the SceneDescriptor is configured to instantiate one of the built-in DJ tables.

To Disable the streaming console cameras, simply delete the SpectatorCameras GameObject.

After you’ve finished setting up your scene, you need to build it before being able to load it in Vinyl Reality.

To build and export your environment to Vinyl Reality, follow these steps:

  1. Open the scene you want to export
  2. Select EntroPi > SDK > Build Active Scene from the Menu bar
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\Vinyl Reality
  4. Select or Create the folder named Environments and press Select Folder
  5. Wait for the build to finish

If the build fails, check the console window for error or warning messages and fix them before trying to build again.

After you’ve exported your environment, start Vinyl Reality, and in the main menu open the Load Custom Content panel.

If everything went well, your environment should be listed. Click the Icon to load the level.

If the environment won’t load inside Vinyl Reality, check the output_log.txt (located in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\LocalLow\EntroPi Games\Vinyl Reality) file for any errors starting with [SDK]

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