Spout Settings

In the spout settings panel, users can select how to send and receive video from Spout.

  • Send Spectator Cameras: Toggles if the spectator cameras send their video to Spout.

Note: The name of the Spout source sent by Vinyl Reality is: Vinyl Reality

Warning: No video will be sent to Spout when the HMD camera is activated on the Streaming Console! It is only sent when one of the spectator cameras is active.

  • Receiver Source: Select which Spout source to receive. The dropdown is disabled if no sources are found.
  • Enable Video Screen Receivers: Display the video received from the selected Spout source on the video screens in the environment.
  • Disable Audio Reactive Effects: Disables the audio reactive effects (ex: changing color and flashing) for the video screens on which the Spout source is displayed. This allows you the display the video source in its original color.
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