Streaming Camera

A streaming camera is a type of spectator camera that can be positioned by the user and activated through the Streaming Console.

Each environment contains two user controllable streaming cameras, one to the left of the DJ gear and one to the right. The left one is assigned to button number 3 on the streaming console and the right one to button number 4. The status light on the streaming camera lights up red while it is the active spectator camera.

The positions for both cameras are saved and loaded automatically for each scene, and can be reset from the user setting’s application tab.

To position a streaming camera, simply grab it with a controller and move it to anywhere in the environment.

The zoom level of the camera can also be adjusted, by moving the controller’s joystick or touchpad up and down (while selecting it with a controller).

To make it easier to align straight shots, the rotation of each camera can be snapped to 10 degree angle increments.

To snap a streaming camera’s rotation, simply hover over it with a controller and press one of the following buttons on your controller:

  • Vive Wands: Menu button
  • Index: B button
  • Oculus Touch: B or Y button
  • WMR: Menu button
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