The purpose of the streaming console is to make footage recorded with Vinyl Reality more interesting and engaging for an audience to watch, by enabling users to select different camera perspectives to display on the desktop mirror, while recording or streaming a set.

The streaming console is available all environments and includes a screen which displays the feed from the external cameras when they’re activated. The Black Box environment was specifically designed to be as optimized as possible and should allow users to record their sessions without any performance issues.

  1. Record button: Starts and stops audio recording. Illuminates while recording.
  2. Info display: Shows the filename and duration of the current recording. REC indicator is shown while recording audio.
  3. Camera selection pads: Switches between the different cameras when the corresponding pad on the bottom row of the streaming console is selected. The leftmost pad, conveniently labeled HMD, will display the feed from the user's headset.

The streaming console can also be controlled from outside of VR, using keyboard shortcuts:

  • F1 - F4: Select cameras 1 through 4
  • ESC: Select HMD camera


The streaming console also allows users to record and save their DJ sets to a high-quality audio wave file. The recorded wave files will be stored inside the “Vinyl Reality/Recordings” subfolder in the user’s default music folder (ex: …/Users/username/My Music/Vinyl Reality/Recordings).

The recorded wave files use 32-bit float samples, and can be opened in software like Audacity for further processing or converting it to other file formats.

If any of the audio settings are changed while recording, the current recording will be stopped and needs to be restarted again manually.


Please note that the record button on the streaming console only records audio and NOT video. To record or stream video footage, it’s recommend to use an external tool like OBS Studio, which is free and easy to setup.

When the Streaming Console has auto-switching enabled, it will automatically toggle between the selected camera perspectives in sync with the audio. To active auto-switching, two or more cameras selection pads need to be selected at the same time.

Selecting multiple cameras is achieved by pressing and holding down the camera selection pads (or corresponding keyboard shortcuts):

  • A long press on one of the inactive camera selection pads, will add it to the list of selected cameras.
  • A long press on an already selected camera will deselected it and remove it from the list of camera perspectives to toggle between.
  • A regular click, or short press, on any of the camera selection pads, will deselect all of the other cameras and disable auto-switching.

When multiple camera selection pads are selected, all of the selected pads are lit up in purple, and the active one in blue.

To limit how fast the streaming console can switch between the selected camera perspectives, a minimum interval can be set using the slider in the user settings application panel.

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