The most common audio issues reported by users are:

  • Master output / speakers audio not working
  • Lights in club environment not reacting to music
  • Recorded wave files are empty

The most common cause for these issues is that the default sound playback device in Windows is not set to the same device selected as the Default Output (headphones) in Vinyl Reality’s audio settings.

Always make sure both are set to the same sound device before starting the application! Please keep in mind that the SteamVR audio settings or Oculus device settings can also change the default sound playback device when they are running, so make sure to set the correct device there as well.

If the audio issues still persist, try one of the following solutions:

  1. Update the drivers for the sound card that is being used as the Master Output – Speakers device in Vinyl Reality’s audio settings. Sometimes downloading and installing the drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website, instead of using the drivers installed automatically by Windows, can resolve audio issues. If the sound card is integrated into the motherboard, the drivers should be available on the website of the motherboard’s manufacturer.
  2. Disable or uninstall all virtual cables (VB)
  3. Uninstall NVIDIA High Definition Audio drivers
  • When possible, connect speakers to an analogue audio output. Digital outputs like HDMI, USB or S/PDIF can sometimes add extra latency.
  • Don’t use Bluetooth or other wireless devices.
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