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 ====== Turntable ====== ====== Turntable ======
 +===== Guides =====
 +  * [[how_to_create_and_load_a_custom_slipmat_design|How to create and load a custom slipmat design]]
 ===== Reference ===== ===== Reference =====
-==== Input control overview ==== +  * [[turntable_input_control_overview|Input control overview]] 
-{{::turntable-input-control-overview.jpg?direct&600|}}+===== User Settings ===== 
 +  * [[Turntable Settings|Turntable Settings]]
-  - **Start – Stop button:** Starts or stops the platter’s motor. 
-  - **Power switch:** Switches power on or off for the entire turntable. If the power is turned off while the platter is spinning, the platter will come to a slow stop. 
-  - **Turntable Platter:** Grabbing and turning the platter’s edge in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction temporarily speeds up or slows down the playback of the record being played. The playback speed increases when the edge is turned clockwise and decreases when turned counterclockwise. Releasing the platter’s edge will return the playback speed to the value set by the pitch control knob. 
-  - **Vinyl record / slipmat:** When the needle is on the vinyl record, the record can be freely manipulated by grabbing and moving it with the controller. When the needle is not on the record, grabbing the record will attach it to the controller, so that it can be removed. 
-  - **Pitch control:** Adjusts the playback speed / pitch of the record, between +8% and -8%. The pitch control knob can be grabbed and moved with a controller for coarse adjustments, but more precise adjustments can be made by scrolling up or down the controller’s trackpad (or moving the joystick up or down) while hovering the controller over the pitch control knob. Hovering over the knob will also display the current pitch adjustment percentage and BPM (Beats per minute) values for the track when available. 
-  -**Tonearm / Cartridge:** The position of the needle on the record determines the playback position. The outer edge of the record corresponds to the beginning of the track, and the inner edge to the end. Every record has a small lead in zone at the beginning, where no audio is played back and which can be used to cue up tracks. When the track on the record is finished playing, the needle will stay in a locked groove near the center of the record. 
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