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Vinyl Reality Lite

Vinyl Reality Lite is a version of Vinyl Reality designed for standalone VR headsets. Currently supported platforms are Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

This Lite version is currently in beta and contains all of the core DJ functionality from the PC version, but is not yet feature complete. Due to limitations of the platform it will not contain all of the features of the PC version.

  • Audio recorder
  • Master output
  • Rekordbox collection and m3u8 playlist support
  • Basic interactive tutorial
  • Loading custom environments
  • Main menu
  • Spectator and streaming cameras
  • Other built-in environments (ex: streaming studio)
  • PC with Windows, MacOS or Linux (There's also a beta for Android phones)
  • SideQuest
  1. Download and setup SideQuest:
  2. Install the downloaded APK using SideQuest
  3. Launch the app from the Unknown Sources list

When launching Vinyl Reality Lite for the first time, be sure to allow all requested permissions! Permissions can also be set through SideQuest.

Video tutorials can be found on the SideQuest website.

  1. Connect your Quest to your PC
  2. Use the file manager in SideQuest or the one provided by your OS and copy your audio files into the device’s Music folder.
  3. Restart Vinyl Reality on the Quest

You can also create sub directories to organize your music. Loading a Rekordbox collection or playlist is not yet supported.

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