How to load your music files in Vinyl Reality Lite on the Quest

Vinyl Reality Lite loads audio file's from the device's Music folder and supports the following formats:

  • mp3
  • flac
  • wav
  • ogg
  • aif, aiff
  • wma

First you need to copy the music files from a computer (PC or Mac) onto the Quest headset.

Start by following this guide to connect your computer to the Quest and set it up for file transfers:

Once your computer is connected to the Quest, access the Quest using Windows Explorer.

Navigate to the Music folder inside Internal shared storage.

Copy your music files into this Music folder. You can also create sub directories inside the Music folder to organize your files.

Once the music files are copied, put on your headset and start Vinyl Reality.

The record case should now contain and list the files you copied.

If you want BPM and other meta data to be displayed inside the app, be sure to read this guide on how to correctly analyze and tags your tracks.

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